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About Linda Bruininga

<strong>I love working in finance because&#8230;</strong>

I love working in finance because…

My interest in finance began at an early age, watching my father help others as a financial advisor. From the time we were children, my sister and I learned the value of planning and the burden of debt. We did our chores, paid interest on late payments for purchases made on the family credit card, and were held financially responsible for cavities discovered by the dentist!

Those childhood lessons led me to a degree in Finance and a career that I love in the financial planning industry. As I continue to work and stay educated on current trends and financial education, I ensure my clients receive the benefit of that knowledge and the one-on-one attention we all deserve when it comes to planning for the future. 

I want my clients to know…

My hope, as you and I work together, is that you feel the comfort and confidence of knowing you’re on the right track financially. After years in this industry, I do everything I can to help clients avoid financial pitfalls through education and planning. I welcome my clients’ questions and am dedicated to being a trusted resource they can come to with any issues, big or small.

<strong>My top 3 personal values...</strong>

My top 3 personal values...

FAMILY.  Above all I value family. My spare time is spent with my husband and kids creating memories with our friends and family.

HEALTH.  With three kids running around, staying active is a must. My life prior to children included competing in long distance triathlons.

ORDER.  I function my best when I have systems in place. Sticking to my routine is my "happy place."

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